In a connection. You guys in interactions compensate around 60percent associated with gay community

In a connection. You guys in interactions compensate around 60percent associated with gay community

Us men in interactions compose around 60percent associated with the homosexual neighborhood. We in addition constitute around 25% of brand new HIV bacterial infections which sends a definite message that HIV can affect us, whether we’re coupled up or perhaps not. We-all have to be proactive in finishing HIV, regardless style of partnership we are in – monogamous, available, poz/neg, neg/neg or poz/poz.

How do we repeat this? Well, we should instead determine neg dudes and people of us exactly who aren’t clear on all of our condition examination typically, that poz men manage very early, causing all of us consistently remain secure and safe.


If either you and/or the boo tend to be unfavorable, your own parts in stopping HIV starts with evaluation.

Most cases of HIV transmission are from guys exactly who consider they’ve been neg, but actually have HIV and don’t know it. That’s why typical and repeated examination is so vital; even if you can be found in a relationship, and more if you are located in an open relationship.

If you’re a neg chap and also in an unbarred relationship, you ought to be screening 4 times a year each energy you imagine you may possibly have started subjected to HIV.

If you’re neg and also in a monogamous commitment, then you can try decreased often but at the very least annually.

With fast HIV tests, results are right back within 30 minutes, so it’s convenient than in the past. Find your own closest test website in NSW right here, on the other hand if you are in Sydney it’s also possible to go to a[TEST] which is free and requires no Medicare card.


HIV cures tricks have progressed throughout the last four years. Condoms and lubricant still offer great safety against HIV and various other STIs nevertheless now we have preparation and UVL added to the mix. Which means we’ve a selection of possibilities to all of us so we can have because hot a period as we like, all while maintaining ourselves and our partner/s safe.


If you’re both adverse you have agreed to bang both solely and so may choose to stop making use of condoms. If that’s the case, you’ll want to test and take care of your standing before you throw a farewell celebration to suit your rubbers. Chat, examination, examination, confidence was a helpful technique when choosing not to ever incorporate condoms more when you’re both bad.

In an unbarred partnership in which you’re both neg means that normal evaluating both for people is the better strategy to usually see the position and keep one another secure. Opening items up contributes a level of difficulty your commitment. You should have a genuine talk in regards to the principles and expectations and think about whether preparation match to the equation.


If a person people try poz and the other neg, next screening still is essential for both of you. They keeps the neg partner’s HIV condition in balance, keeps track of the positive partner’s viral weight, just in case either of you contract an STI, you can aquire on to healing sooner than later on.

For the poz guy, getting on therapy to achieve a UVL is actually a certain solution to prevent HIV sign towards neg mate. In the case where a UVL is not obtained, using condoms and/or the neg partner having preparation work choices.


If you’re both poz and propose to not use condoms, this is exactly regarded as a safe sex application against HIV transmission. But the risk of STI indication is notably increased any time you don’t usage condoms, whilst a few, be sure you get that under consideration.

We have all a component playing in ending HIV by 2020. Your, the boo plus the dudes you fool around with too.

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